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Illustrated Talk by Dr Tom Craig – British Horror Cinema: The Golden Years

British Horror Cinema: The Golden Years

In this illustrated talk, Tom Craig will celebrate the 'Golden Years' of British Horror. Whilst focusing predominantly on the phenomenal success of Hammer Film Productions during the period 1956-1964, Tom Craig will also explore Hammer's antecedents and evaluate contemporary contributions to the genre. In addition, he will shed light on the legacy of the Gothic Novel, European reactions to Hammer's success, and the lasting appeal of Mythic constructions of Britishness amongst foreign horror film-makers. 

Tom Craig commenced his professional career in 1997 when he began teaching Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Nottingham Trent University. Since then he has taught at a number of high profile educational institutions and has given guest lectures, workshops and seminars throughout Europe. He joined the University of Derby in 2004 where he now runs one of the country's most sought after Film Production programmes. Tom is also an accomplished writer and producer in his own right. Through his work for the Malta Film Commission, he has been involved in the successful financing of over thirty short films, features and documentaries. He has also worked as a mentor for several major film productions.  In 2016 he established Aria Films, a global film consultancy company. Tom Craig is regularly featured on British television and radio in relation to both his own work and his knowledge of film as a medium.

The talk will commence at 6.30pm.  Between 6.00-6.30pm guests are free to view 'Vanities: Collecting Oscar Wilde', which is the current exhibition at the Foundation's premises.  

Drinks will be served after the talk.

A limited number of tickets at €10 per person are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Early booking is recommended. Contact

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